Ridgewood Wild West Walk-A-Thon

On October 3rd, the day of Walk-A-Thon, we will set-up a track less than a mile in length. The students will walk around the track for one hour wearing a lap card pinned to their Walk-A-Thon shirt. After each lap, the card will be hole punched to show how many laps your child completed.

As part of helping our students become leaders in our increasingly global world, our Walkathon will donate a small percentage (5%) to the following program that sponsors our 4th & 5th grade O’Ambassador’s Club…

Ridgewood will work together with a Free the Children’s campaign called Brick by Brick. Our students (future leaders of social change) will be raising money to build a school in India, by bringing education to children who never had the chance to go to school before. Our Ridgewood students learn valuable leadership skills, compassion for others, a global perspective of other cultures and countries, as well as feel good about helping others while helping themselves. So even though a small donation of money goes to this organization, all the money raised benefits our kids.

How it works:

In the weeks leading up to Walk-A-Thon, each student/parent asks family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to sponsor them for the number of laps the child will complete. Sponsorship can also be for a flat donation regardless of how many laps are actually walked. For example, a sponsor can give $25 for a flat donation or $1/lap walked (or any $$ amount determined by the sponsor). All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

The sponsor sheet is due back on Friday, September 26th. Please retain the pink copy for your records. Additional sponsor sheets are available in the office.

We thank you in advance for supporting our school!